What We’re Doing


We use restorative justice-based programs to build resilient kids and healthy communities.

About Restorative Justice

Not restricted to a particular approach, method, or program, Restorative Justice is an ethos, a philosophy, a way of life that is open to creativity within the boundaries of its guidelines.

Our Programs

We meet the kids where they are, in the schools and in their community, using a revolutionary Restorative Justice model to help decrease gun violence and homicides, increase community safety, and provide deep caring for those who have been harmed by violence while also facilitating both accountability and healing for those who have caused harm.

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The Zone (Restorative alternative to suspension/expulsion)
The Zone is an in-school Restorative alternative to suspension and expulsion. We will intervene
in student conflicts in ways that foster team-building, problem-solving, and leadership skills.
Students can be referred by a dean or principal or come to the Zone for their own interventions.

Creative Outlet
An after-school Restorative art and rites of passage program offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

Community-Based Restorative Justice Diversion
We offer community conferencing, peace circles, healing circles, impact panels, and other creative interventions as needed as an alternative to traditional justice processes. Referred by schools, courts, police, and community.

SEL Workshops
Comprehensive SEL workshops build students skills and improve student mental health, social skills, academic achievement, positive social behaviors, empathy, team work, and conflict management. Days and times for these workshops have not been decided.

Alive Hospice Grief Retreat
In partnership with the Alive Hospice, we will take 15 students to the Alive Teen Retreat. Students will have interactive activities where they will learn positive and self-affirming techniques they can use to better cope with grief.

Woke Camp
One-week summer camp in June where students have fun, and learn more about self-care and social action.

Case Management/Mentorship
We will identify youth who are actively engaged in or at high risk for involvement in high-risk street activity. We will intervene in their lives through case management/mentoring and risk reduction planning to aid in solving current problems and preventing future ones, help facilitate positive behavior change, and introduce positive alternatives to violence.

Weekly mentor group meetings
Gideon’s Army mentors will host group meetings with their mentees. They will do team building activities, SEL skill building, conflict resolution skill-building activities.

Case Management/High Trauma
We provide students and their families with a prompt response to trauma and help them rebuild a sense of safety and security through traditional and non-traditional case management.

Student/Family support groups
Gideon’s Army offers weekly support circles for youth to connect, share stories and encouragement. Positive social support is a critical component to developing into a healthy adult. We offer small group circles and art, music, theater-based processing and skill building activities.

Youth Action Team
Started last year by Dr. Sonia Stewart, students will be working with the community, the Mayor’s office, and other city agencies and elected officials to find lasting solutions to improve youth lives and stop youth violence.